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              Welcome to Huzhou Motorized Drum Co.,ltd! Telephone:0572-2022337
              About Xingli Huzhou Motorized Drum Co.,ltd

              Our mission: To make the top quality motorized drum

              Our value: To Make " Conveying" Simple ? High Efficiency ? Energy Saving ? Reliable ? Safe ? Environmental Protection

              HUZHOU MOTORIZED DRUM CO.,LTD used to be State-owned Enterprise, founded in 1996, it is a state grade-2 enterprise, it is China`s backbone enterprises in motorized drum industry and the national key support high-tech enterprises, imported WAT advanced technology from Germany in 80s and have more than 30 years experience for motorized drum production. The company produces more than 10000 sets of motorized drum marked “ XINGLI “ brand each year, and those motorized drum are widely used in production lines and conveying lines in various of industry such as mine, wharf, food, building material, chemical, household appliance, postal etc.

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              Address:888, huzhou city, zhejiang province economic development zone, west chicken road
              TEL:0572-2022227 2022209

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              Copyright ?2015 All rights reserved Huzhou Motorized Drum Co.,ltd Technical:Huzhou PanGu Address:888, huzhou city, Huzhou city, zhejiang province economic development zone, Xifeng road 888TEL: +86-0572-2022337    Mail: ybsh65@hotmail.com